To benefit underprivileged and under-educated goalies and goalie coaches through the establishment and growth of annual scholarships, educational resources, and professional consulting services. To improve the culture and quality of goaltending development by raising awareness on proper training and the utilization of age-appropriate functional movement disciplines.


The Goalie Guild is a nonprofit organization comprised of a Board of Directors that work together to maintain quality standards for our scholarships and projects. With a focus on proper goalie development, we take great pride in our ability to create effective new strategies that allow you to stand out and succeed in a community that continues to grow every day.

JUSTIN GOLDMAN: Founder / President


JACK HARTIGAN: Nova Scotia, Canada



Since 2009, The Goalie Guild has been dedicated to serving goalies and goalie coaches across the USA. As a well-trusted resource in the goaltending community, we’re here to help you reach the next level by solving some of the toughest problems you will encounter in the world of goalie development. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your game, need coaching advice, or have questions about different aspects of the position, we’re here to serve you.

As a nonprofit, we also strive to be a professional platform that is not only accessible to everyone, but also affordable. We’re passionate about educating, motivating, and inspiring goalies and goalie coaches of all ages, so we are committed to building our annual scholarships in order to open doors and uplift spirits within the hockey community. No matter what your goal or dream may be, no question is too small and no dream is too big. If there’s a way we can help, you can be rest assured we will do whatever we can to lend a lending hand.


The only thing tougher than being a goalie is being the parent of one. We understand the frustrations and obstacles you face, so we put a strong emphasis on educating, empowering, and guiding goalie parents across the USA.

More importantly, we understand that a goalie’s development relies heavily on his or her environment, and there may be no greater environmental influence than parents. Your attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge of the position will play a major role in your son or daughter’s development, so we are here to advise, consult, and lead you in the right direction. Goaltending is as complex as it is expensive; let our knowledgeable Board of Directors help alleviate some of those concerns.

We also strive to create opportunities for volunteers, amateurs, and enthusiasts to get involved in the world of goaltending. Through our social media outreach projects, we remain committed to sharing information and bringing people together for the greater good of the goaltending community and position.



We’re committed to growing the position by offering educational scholarships to underprivileged or under-educated goalies and goalie coaches. These scholarships are funded by sponsors, partners, and individuals just like you. Click below to learn more:


Click Here to help create, fund, or support a scholarship today. Below are some of the partners we’ve had since 2009.

Colorado Amateur Hockey Association
NetWork Goaltending | GoaliePost
GoaliePro | Korn Camps | Elite Goalies

USA Hockey’s NTDP | NHL.com & NHL Fantasy
McKeen’s | DobberHockey | Colorado Avalanche


The Goalie Guild is proud to be one of the world’s best destinations for pro goalie consulting services. Whether you’re part of an organization or club that needs guidance regarding their goalie development, or you’re looking for ways to enhance a functional development program, camp, or clinic already in place, we have nearly 10 years of experience creating and executing hundreds of successful projects. We have played a role in revolutionizing the way goaltenders learn the game and improve their skills…and we can help you to do the same with the goalies in your area.

Each consulting project is handled on an individualized and personalized basis. We not only take the time to get to know you on a personal level, but we provide these services in a nonprofit manner. Instead of being charged a traditional hourly or monthly fee, you’re merely encouraged to make a donation to our foundation. Any amount is fine with us, whether that is a single $1 or a single piece of equipment. Anything and everything goes a long way to keeping our services and scholarships intact, accessible, and fully available to as many people as possible.

We look forward to working with you and helping you accomplish your goalie development goals.


Since 2009, Creativity has been the backbone of our organization’s growth in the community. Through our event management services, we showcase our commitment to growing the game through various live events, interactive projects, and outreach efforts. From helping you plan a new annual goalie program in your area, to assisting you with new ways to structure and promote your goalie company or product, we’re here to be a reliable resource and versatile tool. Together, we can bring more awareness and efficiency to your goaltending program, camp, or event.

While we are always open to new projects and ideas, we believe in quality over quantity. It’s not how many projects we complete, but how effective and affordable they are. That being said, we spend the proper amount of time to make sure we discover as much as possible about your goals, plans, and ideas. The more we share, the more we learn, and the more we learn, the more effective we can be as event planners and managers.

So please feel free to contact us at any time with your ideas, concerns, questions, or feedback. We’d love to hear from you!

Works We’ve


Goldman’s latest release is a lengthy reflection of a wild four-month international goaltending development research expedition. Fascinated by the cultural and environmental differences between goalies in Europe and North America, Goldman brings you inside his learning experiences through exclusive interviews with some of the brightest and longest-tenured goalie coaches in the world. From Mitch Korn’s camp in Minnesota to Jukka Ropponen’s GoaliePro world in Helsinki to Eli Wilson’s goalie factory in Toronto to USA Hockey’s Warren Strelow camp, Goldman saw a little bit of everything in the summer of 2014, and this book shares it all. Combined with some simple research into key aspects of goalie development, this book is a must-read for goalie parents, coaches, and enthusiasts.


Goldman’s first book, which was co-authored with Dallas Stars director of goalie development Mike Valley, was a two-year collaboration project. Thanks to some incredibly candid interviews with pro goalies like Tomas Vokoun, Marty Turco, Brian Elliott, Niklas Backstrom, Richard Bachman, and many more, the book has helped thousands of goalies all over the world have a much better understanding of the path one must take to truly become an elite goalie. Using a simple visual representation of elite goaltending performance through the “Three Pillars” diagram, the book gives readers a chance to discover their own path to greatness. This book makes a great purchase to enhance your goalie camp or clinic, as well as a great tool for coaches that want to incorporate mental training into their programming.


With science and creativity at the forefront of this project, Goldman spent a portion of the summer of 2012 designing an infographic that would bring the two worlds together. A few years later, he updated the table to version 2.0, which now includes a free 30-page digital guide that accompanies the infographic. This guide takes the project scope one giant step beyond the norm, as it offers printable flash cards that can be used to make this a school-like educational endeavor. Kids have loved printing out the definition of each element and then memorizing them for future excellence. So not only does this project visually display the key elements of goaltending, it also offers up an educational tool for kids!



Born and raised on a horse ranch in northern Texas, Justin Goldman has one of the most non-traditional hockey paths you will ever find. For it was not until the arrival of the Dallas Stars in 1993 that Goldman, age 11, was introduced to the game.

The moment the Stars hit the ice for their first practice at Dr. Pepper StarsCenter in Valley Ranch, goaltending became his true calling and biggest passion.

Nearly 13 years later, Goldman would become the first native Texan to earn a spot in the Pro Hockey Writers Association (PHWA). A year later (June 1, 2007 to be exact), Goldman founded his first hockey company, The Hockey Guild, with a simple mission of supporting the local hockey scene in Colorado.

That season, he took on the task of creating a new annual charity hockey tournament with that same mission in mind. By raising funds and awareness for the National Hockey League’s “Hockey Fights Cancer” foundation, he was able to begin giving back to the game by benefiting cancer-afflicted families within the hockey community.

In less than two years, “Quest for the Crown” had suddenly grown into the largest charity hockey tournament in the Rocky Mountain region. Over 30 teams compete annually, and in just five years, the event had raised over $50,000 for the cause. It was this experience that sparked Goldman’s passion for creating more events. “The Quest” charity tourney continues to grow every year and is considered a staple annual event in the Colorado hockey scene.

The creation of new hockey programs continued when his partnership with the Colorado Avalanche was forged in 2008. Working side-by-side with their fan development division, The Hockey Guild created The Avalanche Guild to focus on growing the team’s brand and reach in the local community.


After running more than 100 hockey-related events on Pepsi Center ice through programs like Avalanche “After-Hours” Games, the “Battle for the Banner” Shootout Tournament, and RMHL games, Goldman was ready to focus his energy and efforts exclusively on goaltending. On January 1 of 2009, Goldman built another new company: The Goalie Guild.

Goldman’s endeavors with The Goalie Guild have led him to all corners of the globe. As a pro goalie consultant, he has completed numerous coaching, scouting, research, and writing projects. This includes two full-length books, numerous digital guides, a four-year writing stint at NHL.com, and a six-year broadcasting stint covering the Colorado Avalanche and all levels of hockey in Colorado.

In 2013, Goldman wrote and co-published his first book, “The Power Within: Discovering the Path to Elite Goaltending” alongside Dallas Stars goalie coach Mike Valley. Just a few months later, Goldman was hired by USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program (NTDP) as a regional goalie scout and mentor in Minnesota. He held that position for the 2013-14 season, then moved back to Colorado in August of 2014.

In March of 2015, Goldman wrote and published his second book, “Between Two Worlds: Discovering New Realms of Goalie Development”. One that writing project was complete, he focused on a new mission: combining his passion for charity events and goalie development together into one project. Shortly after his 33rd birthday, Goldman completed the lengthy process of transforming The Hockey Guild’s umbrella of projects into one singular nonprofit foundation.

Along with his duties at The Goalie Guild, Goldman also currently acts as the Director of Goalie Development for the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association, the Director of Operations for NetWork Goaltending, and the Vice President of ICC Sales Corp., which is based in Castle Rock, Colorado.


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“Through all of my adventures and endeavors in pro hockey, nothing is more exciting than creating this new nonprofit organization. The future holds so much promise for goalies around the world, and the respect we deserve as athletes is on the rise. We’re experiencing a true goaltending revolution in 2015 and beyond, so I’m ready to grow the revolution by educating, mentoring, and guiding others in more ways than ever before. I really believe this new version of The Goalie Guild will satisfy my unquenchable thirst to not only advocate proper goalie development, but to continually learn new things from passionate people. I look forward to creating new friendships and building upon old ones for many years to come.”