When I first started preparing to write The Mike DiLorenzo Comeback Story, I had no idea it would end up having such a meaningful impact on my life. Not only did I learn valuable lessons about work ethic and the ups and downs of the pro goaltender, but I made a close friend.

I also never would have expected this to turn out to be a love story. But it did, and I think that makes this “project” one of the most memorable things I have ever done. For that reason, I could never charge someone to read my first-ever Bild Novelle. This is someone’s life, and I am honored and lucky to have been able to tell it for whoever takes the time to read it.


With that in mind, click the cover to download your copy. All four parts of the series are included, so the long-awaited Part 4, titled “This Fire Burns Forever” has now been released, and the project is complete. Until my next digital book, keep your stick on the ice, and never give up on your dreams!

Lastest Update: Despite a real strong training camp, Mike didn’t make the Elmira Jackals. But this was not due to a lack of performance. Elmira has affiliations with both the Anaheim Ducks and the Ottawa Senators, so a bunch of their prospects (Timo Pielmeier, Marco Cousineau and Brian Stewart) were reassigned before the season began.

Even though Mike didn’t make the team, as you would expect, he didn’t give up, he didn’t quit. Instead, he elected to take a starting role in the new Federal Hockey League. This league is in its fledgling state, but it does have strong affiliations with the SPHL (Southern Pro Hockey League) and the ECHL as well.

So when the season started in mid-October, Mike was the clear-cut starter for the Vermont Wild. He is determined to work his way back into the ECHL, and then go from there. The ECHL tryout with Elmira may not have gone as well as planned, but Mike is playing at the pro level.

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  1. What an unbelievable story! I enjoyed reading it so much I didn’t want it to end. Great job Justin and I hope you keep us updated on Mike’s journey since I know we haven’t heard the last of him.

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