Jonas Hiller and our good friends at Airxess have done it again.

The highly-anticipated 20th-year anniversary helmet is now in his hands, so it’s time to continue our annual tradition of showcasing exclusive photos of their latest masterpiece.

Simply put, this RXS Falcon ’68 “Hiller Edition” mask is a shining beacon of Mighty Ducks glory.

This photo is copyright and courtesy of Airxess.

Yes, that’s Wild Wing breaking through the ice on the right side, just like he did on those wonderfully nostalgic third jerseys from way back in 1995. The simplicity of this design continues on the left side of the mask, which has the original Mighty Ducks of Anaheim logo.

With another minimalistic design that includes the same cartoon-like feel from those original third jerseys, Airxess has achieved that perfect harmony of honoring the organization’s original roots by reminding us that they were originally founded by The Walt Disney Company in 1993.

This photo is copyright and courtesy of Airxess.

You will also notice that all three logos — Wild Wing, the original Mighty Ducks logo, and the 20th anniversary logo on the backplate — have a slick glossy finish to them, but the rest of the paint has a flat finish!

Now these photos were taken in the Airxess studio in Bern, Switzerland just before it was shipped to Anaheim. So while the pictures don’t show it, there’s actually another special surprise for all you horny Hiller fans.

But we’re not going to spill the beans right here…instead, we’ll give you a hint: Be sure to get a good look at Hiller’s cage when he hits the ice with this new mask.

This photo is copyright and courtesy of Airxess.

In the five years we have been fortunate to call Alec and Airxess our good friends, we have come to learn one thing — they never stop coming up with unique ways to paint a goalie mask. “Airxess. Where at some point, their work transforms from masks to pure art.”

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