Welcome to The Goalie Guild Network!

MISSION STATEMENT: Made in the image and likeness of a medieval guild, The Goalie Guild is dedicated to strengthening the goalie union through a wide variety of in-depth analysis and content. The Goalie Guild also strives to educate readers about the position by promoting a growing network of goalie coaches through social media.

Founded in Denver, Colorado in 2009 by Justin Goldman, The Goalie Guild now operates out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The website has undergone numerous changes over the years, but currently exists as one of the most popular and well-recognized goalie websites in the world.

Like all medieval guilds, The Goalie Guild aims to bring the goalie community closer together. As such, we act as a haven for dedicated and devout students of the goaltending position and offer content that not only improves your understanding of the position, but also motivates and inspires.

The Goalie Guild originally started as a live journal of Goldman’s pro goalie analysis. A lifelong student of the position, Goldman’s dedication to goaltending is reflected through an ego-less approach of constantly learning new things. The Goalie Guild is a brand that reflects his profound and passionate respect for the culture, history, and honor of the goaltender. He strives to publish unique content that not only embraces the position, but respects and honors the game of hockey.

Please feel free to contact Goldman at any time, or click below to view Goldman’s current live resume on LinkedIn.