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Justin Goldman, founder of The Goalie Guild and a regional goalie scout for USA Hockey, embarked on a four-month summer journey to Finland, Canada, and throughout the United States in order to discover new realms of hockey goalie development.

Traveling over 24,000 miles and scouting more than 250 goalies from May until September of 2014, Goldman was exposed to a plethora of different coaching methods, training environments, and tactical puck-stopping strategies. He had originally planned to write an in-depth comparative analysis of playing styles between North American and Finnish goalies, but as his exhausting summer journey continued, Goldman realized his research was opening the doors for something much bigger.

Loaded with science, research, personal experiences, and numerous interviews with some of the world’s finest goalie coaches, “Between Two Worlds” provides goalie enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds with a variety of unique perspectives on the current state of goalie development. It also brings you inside Goldman’s mind as he attempts to create a solution to one of the biggest problems currently facing goalie development in the United States – a lack of a goalie coaching certification program.

Interviews in “Between Two Worlds” include the following: Jukka Ropponen (Founder of GoaliePro and one of Finland’s most tenured goalie coaches), Hannu Nykvist (Director of Goalie Development for the Finnish Hockey Federation), Thomas Magnusson (Director of Goalie Development for the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation), Mitch Korn (Goalie Coach for the Washington Capitals), Corey Hirsch (Hockey Canada Goaltending Advisory Board), Jack Hartigan (Founder of FinnGoalie), Eli Wilson (Founder of Eli Wilson Goaltending), and many more.

Chris Koentges: The Oracle of Ice Hockey

Kickstarter Project: Between Two Worlds

GoaliePro: 2014 Coach Mentoring Program

NetWork Goaltending: About the Founders

Book Cover Art:

A special thanks to Chris Koentges for writing the book’s foreword!
Here’s a video of the infamous Miikka Kiprusoff “Scorpion” save!

The Province: Hockey Canada Instituting European Goalie Teaching Model

The “Alchemy & Mysticism” art book I read in 2014.

InGoal Magazine: Hasek Wasn’t the Flopper Many Believed

Pondering the ‘diffusional’ influence of Patrick Roy, Francois Allaire, and Swiss goalie coach Reto Schurch (middle).

The Goalie Guild: The Science of Shadowing

Gina DeSoto: Pilates Aligned Biography

Pilates Unleashed: This FAQ mentions Eddy Belfour

Optimum Reaction Sports: Head Trajectory definition

The Text Neck Institute: Discover this idea for yourself

This book has been a staple of my shelves for the past five years.

I’m getting feedback from Cara Reeser, one of the top Pilates instructors in the USA.

The amazing book that introduced me to Ideokinesis.

A book on my mom’s shelf that further developed my passion for body movement.

Scott Barry Kaufman: Get to know the Creativity expert

Michele Root-Bernstein’s book on Worldplay and Paracosms.

This book opened my eyes to creativity as a process.

Envision Sports: Vision Training in Edina, Minnesota

My initial vision assessment at Envision Sports in Edina.

My favorite vision training exercise, the DynaVision board.

Using these Nike Strobe glasses were quite a challenge, but very beneficial for training.

A look from an outdoor soccer field in downtown Helsinki.

A glimpse of traditional Finnish architecture in Helsinki .

Another beautiful building, with Ted and Larry on the right.

The iconic white church in the heart of downtown Helsinki.

It’s about 11:00p in early-June in downtown Helsinki.

The best food I had in Helsinki, cooked fresh right on the shore.

Another beautiful church in Helsinki. Notice the different architecture.

Insomnium, one of my favorite metal bands, promoting a local show.

The coaches of the 2014 GoaliePro Coach Mentor Program.

Hartigan (left) working with Ras Tirronen as myself, Elberts, and Monnich watch on.

Finnish pro goalie Mikko Ramo (orange) explaining a drill, with me watching.

The North American coaches at GoaliePro (L to R: Elberts, Goldman, Sadler, Hartigan, Monnich).

I pretty much had my Canon Rebel XTI and my Asus tablet in my hands all week long.

A look at the drills used on the second day of the 2014 GoaliePro Camp.

A look at the drills used on Wednesday at the 2014 GoaliePro Camp.

Ramo spent a lot of time explaining technique with Oskar Autio (Espoo Blues U-16).

Reviewing video and breaking it down with Hurricanes prospect Rasmus Tirronen.

Finland’s focus on off-ice training puts them way ahead of the development curve.

Petri Karvinen from Wall Masks showcases his custom molds for GoaliePro students.

Ras Tirronen (left) and Rasmus Reijola (St. Butt State) during one of the pro sessions.

Tirronen showcasing that instinctual “active glove hand” skill-set.

Jukka Ropponen (middle) critiquing Reijola, with Clint Elberts shadowing.

Getting to know Oskar Autio was one of my favorite parts of the GoaliePro Camp.

Another example of Ramo spending ample time with a GoaliePro student.

Ropponen’s guidance was very instrumental to my personal and professional growth.

Hartigan and Tirronen working on more RVH technique later in the week.

Students prepare for the daunting climb on the final day of the GoaliePro Camp.

I really embraced the opportunity to introduce the RVH to a lot of GoaliePro students.

My metal brother, coach Ale Jääskeläinen, looking on with Vilma Vaattovaara (UNH).

I ascended the wooden stairway to heaven and took this shot of the group waiting below.

Ropponen’s downstairs goalie haven was full of amazing relics and memorabilia.

Just a few of the game jerseys belonging to some of Ropponen’s pro clients.

On one of Ropponen’s shelves, Finland’s first Goalie Development handbook, written in 1985.

Ropponen showing me the goalie development handbook he created for Finland.

Back in the 1980’s, goalie development handbooks included projector films.

Ropponen reveals how he created movable films in order to show net coverage.

The GoaliePro Coach Mentoring Program Appreciation Party was blissful.

A really good example of the pristine collection of Finnish flora and fauna.

Niklas Backstrom joined us at the Appreciation party. GoaliePro coach Aljosa Pilko was excited.

A ship is well-hidden against the backdrop of a small island. It’s close to 9pm here on the shore of Helsinki.

A blurry shot of Hannu Nykvist and I, on the day he came to visit us at the GoaliePro Camp.

Nykvist was kind enough to share and break down Finland’s goalie development manual with me.

Another page from the Finnish Hockey Federation’s goalie development manual.

The Finnish Hockey Federation still teaches the two-pad stack to their goalies.

A part of the development manual assists goalie coaches with running skills clinics.

Vulcan Vision: Official Website

Below is a short video preview of Vulcan Vision’s floating viewpoint technology.

Below is Vulcan Vision’s latest YouTube video, which exhibits their coach’s view interface and Dome technology.

GoaliePro: Official Website
Roima Intelligence: Official Website
GoaliePro Mentorship Program: Jack Hartigan Discusses His Experience

Ropponen’s expertise in the business world is a big key to his success as a goalie coach.

Took a screen shot of Google Maps while I was on the ferry to Tallinn, Estonia.

A view of Helsinki from inside the ferry, just as we’re setting sail for Estonia.

Inside Hockey Estonia’s corporate offices, their trophy case is nestled in a corner.

Jaan Molder (left), Ropponen, and Ahti-Kullervo Jogi after our tour of Hockey Estonia.

After our tour, Molder and Jogi presented me with an Estonia national team jersey.

A shot of an old stone building in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia.

Ropponen treated us to lunch at this authentic Russian restaurant, Troika.

The streets of Tallinn are very narrow and dotted with trinket stores and coffee shops.

In one of those trinket shops, Clint Elberts found a genuine Olympic Gold Medal!

A big thanks to Molder and Jogi for their hospitality. Their passion for Estonia Hockey is amazing.

Ted Monnich with Russian prospect and GoaliePro student Arseniy Slobodchikov.

Bobby Goepfert training with Dominik Hasek in Litvinov.

Smart Goalie: Official Website

Larry Sadler was kind of like a father figure to me during my time in Finland.

The influx of European goalies in the NHL has risen steadily since the 2004-05 Lockout.

Eli Wilson Goaltending: Official Website

Goalies go through a rigorous off-ice testing program at Wilson’s Elite Prospects Camps.

Corey Hirsch: Twitter Feed

Hirsch (second to left, next to Nykvist) shared what he learned during his trip to Finland.

Robb Stauber (left) working with some of his Goalcrease students in Edina, MN.

Joe Howe, a Minnesota native, working with Goalcrease coach Jeff Hall (shooting).

I try to empower young American goalies by letting them discover solutions to their own unique technical problems.

I scouted and mentored all 50 participants in the 2014 Dave Peterson Goalie Camp.

Jack Hartigan is the founder and owner of FinnGoalie Training, which is based in Nova Scotia.

Hartigan not only played in Finland, but has been part of the GoaliePro Camp many times.

Hartigan (middle) with Rasmus Reijola and rookie GoaliePro coach, Ted Monnich.

Jack’s passion for goalie development models really inspired my work for the later part of the book.

Garret Sparks demonstrating a drill at the GGSU Legends camp in Chicago, IL.

My friend Ty Ulmer, a cancer survivor and GGSU Legend, strapping up for a skate.

GGSU Legends goalie Matt Kricheli is from Fresh Meadows, NY and a quality Henrik Lundqvist clone.

Ty and Scott Darling (Chicago Blackhawks) looking on during an on-ice session.

Sparks created a great learning environment in the first GGSU camp. His mask’s backplate shows the Chicago skyline.

Mike Condon (Montreal Canadiens) was joined by Darling and Sparks to complete the pro-level coaching staff.

Mechanical difficulties with the Ford Mustang I rented for Ty and I. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Dave Rogalski (left corner of the room) and I ran a Goalie Scouting Profiler in Minnesota with Josh Robinson (left) and Joe Howe.

Rogalski breaking down video with the goalies in our 2013 Goalie Scouting Profiler

Rogalski and I created a positive training environment where goalies thought for themselves.

I created a video library of every goalie in the 2014 Warren Strelow Camp for USA Hockey.

Joe Exter, “Godfather” of the Strelow Camp, has an amazing life story and is one of the top goalie coaches in the USA.

Kevin Reiter is not only the top goalie coach for USA Hockey, but he is an amazing camp director and planner.

It was an unreal learning experience having John Vanbiesbrouck as my roommate at the Warren Strelow Camp.

Being on the Warren Strelow coaching staff is one of the highest honors in my life.

Trying to build a stronger public identity for the camp, I had my friend Carl Herring design this logo.

W Goaltending: Official Website

Wogtech has worked with Dan Ellis (pictured), Jason LaBarbera, Mike Smith, and more.

Kevin Reiter, Matt Michno, Brennan Poderzay, Nick Petraglia, and I evaluating the top 1999-born US goalies.

The “Buy In” petition signed by Jeff Hill, Nick Petraglia, myself, and Matt Millar, created just before my meeting with Reiter.

Some of the notes Reiter and I took during that key meeting at the Select 15’s Festival.

My 2nd meeting with Reiter at the Dave Peterson Camp focused on structuring a goalie development model.

Korn Camps: Official Website
Yahoo Sports: Inside Mitch Korn’s Coaching Genius
Washington Post: Korn Helps Man the Post for the Capitals

Arguably the best photo I’ve ever taken of Mitch Korn. He is a hilarious man. Never a dull moment.

Justin Camuto (left), Mitch, and I in Duluth. I’m covering up his Preds logo since he had just signed with Washington.

Korn’s daily presentations on various aspects of goaltending are extremely informative for kids of all ages.

It was quite an honor to be able to give a presentation on The Power Within to Mitch’s campers in Duluth.

Typical Korn Camp atmosphere. His microphone, and using a young goalie to demonstrate a movement drill.

No Korn camp is complete without his special collection of effective props. This deflection screen is one of my favorites.

USA Hockey Goaltending: Official Website

After my summer expedition ended, I created a basic goalie development program to pitch to USA Hockey.

Here were my main goals for the initiation and implementation of that program in the first year.

Scouting high-caliber young athletes like Dayton Rasmussen for the NTDP was a great experience.

Jake Oettinger, now with the NTDP, had an opportunity to play in the WHL. Thankfully, he stayed in the USA.

I met Magnusson in Madison at the Elite Goalies NHL Goalie Camp. Here he is working with Jussi Rynnas.

I was in heaven getting to pick Magnusson’s brain in Madison about different positional strategies.

I’m always fascinated when two worlds collide. Here’s Magnusson working with Rynnas on his reverse-VH.

Magnusson’s presentation to the eight NHL goalies in Madison on the Swedish SMS (reverse-VH).

Elite Goalies: Official Website

Here’s the promo video we made for the first-ever NHL Goalie Camp in Madison.

Thomas Magnusson heading towards the entrance of the beautiful Kohl Center.

Four nets were placed along the goal line, with two goalies per net in a firing-squad format.

Jake Allen took extra time to work on his puck-handling skills with coach David Alexander.

With wrists like putty, Kari Lehtonen catches everything, and Anders Lindback took notice.

The group reinforcing some key positional strategies before another session comes to a close.

From left to right: David Alexander, Mike Valley, myself, Thomas Magnusson, and Hannu Nykvist.

Getting a chance to befriend and establish trust with eight NHL goaltenders was a dream come true.

Alexander requesting video of the goalies from a specific angle for analysis later that night.

Ben Bishop and Jussi Rynnas (kneeling) listening to the NetWork Goaltending coaching staff.

Alexander getting images of Allen (near) and Ellis (far) in a variety of key positions on the ice.

Kari Lehtonen pushes off the dock for a rip on Lake Wisconsin, while Jussi Rynnas looks on.

The Burish family has an illustrious history of American college and pro hockey.

Magnusson breaking down video of Dan Ellis on the edge of Burish’s backyard.

This was the spot where I laid back and soaked in the most memorable week of my life.

Amidst the glow bugs and warm August night, Thomas and Dan continue reviewing video.

NetWork Goaltending: Official Website

Nykvist showing Valley the Finnish goalie development handbook during our roundtable conversation.

The final step in my summer book project opened the door for me to help bring NetWork Goaltending to life.