Introducing the New “CoachTracker” Map

Time and time again, I’m asked the same questions by goalies and parents all over the world.

“Where’s the closest high-end goalie camp to us?”

“Do you know any good goalie coaches in our area?”

Thanks to The Goalie Guild’s all-new CoachTracker map, your search will soon be over.

Click here to view our new interactive CoachTracker map!

The CoachTracker project consists of an interactive Google map that allows you to easily locate and obtain contact information on a plethora of goalie camps, clinics, and private instructors across the globe. You will also be able to track and locate goalie mask artists, equipment retailers, and much more.

This may seem like a simple concept, but in terms of bringing the growing community of goalie coaches and camps together, I believe this project will go a very long way in benefiting goalies and parents everywhere.

Full-time goalie coaches are often way too busy training their students and taking care of their families to spend time marketing their companies, or trying to run full-blown websites and social media platforms. Because of this, I felt the CoachTracker project would act as a perfect vehicle for promoting all of those dedicated goalie coaches across the globe.

As you can see, we’ve started with a basic list of camps and coaches, and we’ll continue to add more as the days roll along and the summer camps begin to take place.

If you’re a goalie coach at any level and would like to learn more about the CoachTracker program, please contact us at any time!