The Goalie Guild provides a plethora of professional consulting services.

Part of our mission statement is to provide a wide variety of professional goalie consulting services. Whether you’re looking for help with scouting, development, camp evaluations, or you just want independent insight on the top goalie prospects around the world, The Goalie Guild founder Justin Goldman is at your service. His vast library of contacts, resources, and connections within the hockey and goalie community allows him to provide you with reliable, professional, and in-depth consultation. Below are details on just some of the consulting services he provides:


The Goalie Guild founder Justin Goldman is a Regional Goalie Scout & Mentor for USA Hockey. He also offers:

  • Premium reports on goalies at all pro and amateur levels
  • Free updated NHL Goalie Depth Charts with alteration marks
  • Private reports on videos, games, tryouts, and tournaments
  • Insightful scouting notes on Twitter, Facebook, and more


You can hire The Goalie Guild to attend and evaluate your goalie camps or clinics in order to provide students with a value-added experience. We will also promote your camp and staff to our wide network of followers.

  • Every goalie in camp receives a professional scouting profile and report
  • Scouting reports include quotes from the goalie coach and the goalie
  • The scouting report is a terrific tool to use in the recruiting process
  • Camps and coaches receive great exposure via our social networking
  • All profiles posted on The Goalie Guild website where applicable


Justin Goldman will hold live presentations on a variety of goaltending topics for your hockey association or goalie camp:

  • Presentations on technique, coaching, and development models
  • “The Power Within: Discovering the Path to Elite Goaltending
  • Assisting coaches in the goalie scouting and recruiting process
  • Locating specific talent for specific team and coaching needs
Contact us at any time for more information on our consulting services!