Goalie By Garman Scholarship


The Goalie Guild and GoalieByGarman have joined forces in order to give underprivileged goaltenders in the United States an opportunity to participate in the GoalieByGarman online training academy. Learn from and interact with pro goalie coach Mike Garman and get everything you need to take your game to the next level from the comfort of your own home. Details on the online academy is available here.

NAME: The GoalieByGarman Academy Scholarship
SUPPORTING: Underprivileged goaltenders living in the United States (ages 12-21).
PROGRAM DATES: Access to the online academy runs from May 1, 2017 to May 1, 2018.
DONATION: Access to the GoalieByGarman Online Academy for one full season (5/1/17 – 5/1/18).
APPLICATION: This scholarship is now closed. Please check back in January, 2018.

2017 RECIPIENT: Lilly Bleau


Mike grew up playing in his hometown of Vail, CO. before playing three seasons of AAA hockey. His first year of Juniors was in the NAHL playing for the Springfield Jr. Blues. After that season, he signed a contract in the BCHL, where he backstopped the Nanaimo Clippers to the BCHL championship and helped lead the team back to the finals the following year. From Nanaimo, Mike earned an opportunity at the Division I powerhouse  Cornell University, where he played along side current NHL goalie, Ben Scrivens. In his junior season, Mike achieved the second highest save percentage in college hockey. Mike pursued a professional career primarily in Europe, playing in Norway, Sweden and France. After major hip surgery, he retired from playing and began coaching goalies full time.

Coach Garman believes that the best goalies take a complete approach to their game. This means you can’t just be a great skater, you must also understand how to manage your emotions. More than that, you must fuel your body well and make sure your fitness training is specifically geared to help you in the crease. When you get 1% better here and 1% better there, your small improvements combine to create significant advantages. This is how you become great. The fun fact about these slight edges is that they do not take HUGE efforts. They take simple, purposeful actions executed every single day. A small improvement made day-after-day compounds into huge differences over a season and a career. Hence, our motto, “Get 1% better today.”

Coach Garman truly believes that goalies can reach their highest potential if they have the right tools and resources and are willing to commit to the effort of getting 1% better every day. After playing at some of the highest levels in the world, goalie coach Mike Garman now coaches and mentors goalies all over the world. The GoaliebyGarman Academy is a private, password-protected community where goalies learn everything they need to become their best. To learn more about the GoalieByGarman Academy and what you receive with this scholarship, please read more below!