NWHL Scholarship


The Goalie Guild and the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) have joined forces in order to give one underprivileged female goaltender (ages 8-15) an opportunity to attend their annual Summer girl’s hockey camp in Chelsea Piers, CT. Spend five days on the ice with NWHL players and a coaching staff dedicated to improving your skills, all while being a part of pro women’s hockey movement! Details on the camp are available here.

NAME: The NWHL Girl’s Goaltending Scholarship
SUPPORTING: Female goalies born in the United States (ages 8-15 only).
CAMP DATES: June 26-30 (Week 2) or July 17-21 (Week 5) in Chelsea Piers, CT. (camp details)
COSTS COVERED: Up to a $1,000 USD voucher for travel and lodging expenses.
APPLICATION: This scholarship is now closed. Please check back in January, 2018.

2016 RECIPIENT: Jennifer Baulisch
2017 RECIPIENT: Casey Moritz


If you were to ask me how my experience was without going into detail, I would say it was good. If you heard about my experience in detail, you would actually come to find out that it was an unreal, wonderful, extraordinary time. When I had met Chelsea Laden, Sam Faber, and the other coaches, they were so welcoming and so were the other goaltenders. There were only four of us there, so we were outnumbered by players. We started out with hand-eye coordination drills in the outdoors, which we did for an hour. After that, we had our first ice session for an hour and 20 minutes. We did footwork and recovery drills, and then we moved into drills with the forwards, taking shots…many, many shots. Which was great, because it had worked hand-in-hand with the recovery drills we had just done. It gives you a way to think of the drill you just did and adjust to what feels right. Throughout our ice sessions each day, we played a lot of fun games. That was for sure one of the best parts of the camp.

After ice sessions, we ate a nutritious lunch. I met two really great girls, who in the matter of four days would become my good friends. They made camp even better, being that I didn’t know anyone there. We then proceeded to “Blue streak”, which after a couple days we dubbed “pain streak”. We had an hour workout there. Legs, core, arms, the tough stuff. After one session, we had lost seven girls. The next day at “pain streak” we had seven survivors, all of us being sore. I had never been so sore in my life.

There was a choice between going to work out, or going to the rec activity that day. One day it was pool, gymnastics, trampolines, etc. We then had our last ice session of the day. Going over many, many drills. I learned most about using my stick more, and just trusting in using it. We repeated that same order everyday. We did have a sit-down with the coaches, just talking about their careers and how they made it so big. I had a tremendous amount of fun and learned so much. The coaches Sam, Chelsea, Jordan, Bray, Serena and Yonka deserve a big applause for being great role models and teaching the whole group so much. I highly recommend this camp and big shout-out to The Goalie Guild for recognizing the girl’s goalie world, it really means a lot! Apply for the scholarship, it could change your life more than you know!


In the summer of 2015, Goldman reached out to NWHL commissioner Dani Rylan, as well as his friends and NWHL goaltenders Jenny Scrivens and Chelsea Laden, to lend his support to the league with a new grassroots initiative. Together, the four of them created an annual scholarship program that would directly benefit younger US-born female goaltenders.

Having worked with Laden at the 2014 Warren Strelow Goaltending Camp and having met Scrivens in the summer of 2015, Goldman wanted to dedicate one of The Goalie Guild’s new annual scholarships exclusively to underprivileged female goalies. With the NWHL’s rising prominence in professional sports, the two organizations had the same goal in mind.

“Having worked with some of USA’s brightest female goaltenders over the past few years, I’m really excited to establish this new scholarship in support of women’s hockey,” Goldman said. “Growing up with four older sisters, I know first-hand how much of a positive impact a training scholarship can have on aspiring female athletes. This is a wonderful opportunity to help grow the goaltending position in women’s hockey, as well as help the NWHL continue to inspire more girls across the country.”

At this time, the scholarship is only available to female goaltenders ages 8-15 currently living in the United States. Applicants must agree to attend and hold themselves in a professional manner for the duration of the camp. For more information, please contact us at info@thegoalieguild.com at any time.