The Goalie Guild proudly offers a number of unique consulting services.

As an independent goalie scouting service, we proudly provide parents, coaches, team managers, scouts, and amateur goalies with free and affordable consulting services. Below are just some of the ways The Goalie Guild can help you accomplish your goals and solve your goaltending needs.

Remember that we are always available to discuss anything goalie-related with you. We know that the goaltender is a different breed, and while most scouts have a basic understanding of the position, it can be difficult to accurately evaluate a goaltender. We eliminate the guesswork and help you better understand how to scout and dissect a goaltender.


The Goalie Guild offers consulting services for pro and amateur goalies at any age or level:

  • Live or video game feedback and evaluations
  • Exposure, exposure, and even more exposure
  • The new School of Block Mentorship Program
  • Feedback on any specific skills development
  • Details and opinions on coaches and camps
  • Locating possible tryout/playing opportunities

We know how difficult it can be to gain exposure, to have your voice be heard, and to be seen by coaches and teams at the higher levels. We also know how tough it can be to choose the right goalie coach that matches your specific needs, and we know how tough it can be to get over a stretch of rough play. So whatever your needs may be, let The Goalie Guild help you open doors to a brighter future.


The Goalie Guild offers consulting services for pro and amateur scouts at any level:

  • Information on goalie prospects at any age/level
  • Honest feedback on video/game footage or articles
  • Notes or evaluation comparisons on goaltenders
  • Insightful discussions on anything goalie-related
  • Understanding the complexities of the position

We are proud to support the endeavors of scouts across the globe, as we know evaluating a goaltender can be a tricky and difficult process. We are also available as a resource for you to gain a better understanding of a prospect, or to better understand the mental and technical side of the position. This will ultimately benefit and improve your scouting skills.


The Goalie Guild offers consulting services for pro and amateur coaches at any level:

  • We aid and assist in the scouting process
  • Specific drills for a goalie’s specific needs
  • Locating and evaluating potential talent
  • Networking with other goalie coaches
  • Attending games to scout in a live setting

We strive to assist coaches in the scouting and recruiting process. This is especially true for teams that are limited by budgets, time restraints, and travel. Coaches have busy schedules, so we’re available to answer any questions you might have on goalies or goaltending. We also know that coaches are often looking for a certain type of goalie to meet their team’s specific needs, and with our unbiased understanding of the position, we can find the best goalie for your team.


We offer consulting services for goaltending parents at any level:

  • Information/thoughts on appropriate goalie camps
  • Viewing and evaluating video or live game footage
  • Providing honest assessments of your child’s skills
  • Providing you with ways to better mentor your child
  • Teaching you more about the evolution of the position
  • Resourcing and allocating information for personal use

We understand how tough it can be as a parent to mentor and guide your son or daughter in the most effective manner. If you have a limited understanding of the position, we can help you gain knowledge in all areas of the position. If you have any type of question about the goaltending position, we are here to service your needs.

Contact us at any time for more information on our services!