The Goalie Guild is proud to offer independent pro goalie scouting services.

As an independent pro goalie scouting service, we are proud to provide competitive, amateur, junior, and European goalies with opportunities to receive much-needed exposure. Goaltending is recognized as being the most important position in hockey, so it only makes sense that there is a website dedicated to promoting goalies and telling their stories.

Our scouting services are not only beneficial for goaltenders that strive to play at a higher level, but they provide readers, coaches, parents, scouts, and fans with information that can be difficult to find online. The position is complicated and very technical, so finding accurate and current information is not an easy process.

With that in mind, The Goalie Guild is dedicated to building and maintaining an extensive library of information and resources on goalies at all levels for their benefit. Below are just some of the ways we can help you be seen by college, junior and European coaches and team managers around the world.


The Goalie Guild takes great pride in publishing in-depth scouting reports and profiles on goaltenders from all over the world. Our public reports and profiles define and describe a goaltender’s finest traits and strengths, while breaking down their style in a way that everyone can understand. Reports include quotes from the goaltender and their goalie coach, and are written in an unbiased and accurate manner.

  • Report is published on our website in the appropriate Prospects Library page
  • Report is tweeted to over 11,000 followers and posted on our Facebook page
  • Report makes a terrific unbiased addition to a goalie’s resume and portfolio
  • Please contact us today for pricing, availability, and details on structure
  • Examples: Josh Robinson, Adam Clark, Landon Peterson, and Nick Taylor

Reports and profiles are perfect additions to a goaltender’s portfolio or resume, and can be purchased for an affordable price. Private reports are also combined with additional value through the Prospects Library program.


If you are the director, owner, coach, or manager of a competitive amateur or junior hockey team or tournament, The Goalie Guild can scout and profile participating goaltenders. This is a great way to add value to your event or team, while also providing coaches and parents with unbiased information on their goalies.

  • Notes are taken during the game, and quotes grabbed after the game
  • Reports are posted on our website in the appropriate Prospects Library
  • Affordable pricing makes it even more valuable for the goalie’s parents
  • Tournaments held in Minnesota get first priority on availability.

Costs and prices associated with live scouting during games and tournaments are handled on a case-by-cases basis. Contact us to request more information on these services.


If you are a parent or a coach, The Goalie Guild is available to attend private (or semi-private) lessons and team tryouts in order to aid in the scouting and selection process. We understand the numerous obstacles that comes with group scouting, and we provide an unbiased and accurate voice in a room full of coaches.

  • Have a goaltender independently profiled during a private lesson
  • Get additional scouting information on goalies during tryouts
  • Have The Goalie Guild assist in the tryout selection process
  • We act as an extra pair of eyes and hands on the ice for lessons

Costs and prices associated with live scouting during lessons and tryouts are handled on a case-by-cases basis. Contact us to request more information on these services.

Contact us at any time for more information on our scouting services!