Shutout Training Scholarship


The Goalie Guild, Paramount Hockey, and Shutout Training have joined forces in order to give three underprivileged goaltenders in the United States and Canada an opportunity to receive guidance and development from our friends at Shutout Training. Three individual scholarships will be awarded for the following voucher amounts: $1,000 / $500 / $500. Along with our official application, participants must also submit one of the following: A 250-word (or less) essay or a 30-second (or less) video explaining why you deserve to earn one of the scholarships!

NAME: The Shutout Training Scholarship
SUPPORTING: Underprivileged goaltenders living in Canada and the USA.
SPONSOR: Paramount Hockey
DONATION: Up to three vouchers ($1,000 / $500 / $500) for any Shutout Training services (expires on 12/31/17).
APPLICATION: This scholarship is now closed. Please check back in January, 2018.

2017 RECIPIENT: Sean Green


Shutout is an organization of professionals dedicated to the development of hockey goalies. We follow a Japanese concept called Kaizen which means a constant daily improvement on whatever you are doing. What does that mean for you? It means that when you trust Shutout with your goalie development we will constantly be improving on what we are doing. Training with us a year ago will be different than now or in the future. We are on the constant hunt for improvement. We never get stuck into a routine, everything is improved and tested. Our instructors and staff are constantly improving themselves, studying, testing and seeing what works.

In the world of goalie training, minor changes can make major results.

The areas of development that we specialize on are:

  • On Ice Training
  • Off Ice Technical Training
  • Boot Camp (Physical Training)
  • Vision Processing Training
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Visualization & Relaxation Techniques
Shutout’s mission is to build strong foundations for young goalies, help older goalies perfect their skills and provide training to coaches who want to become goalie coaches.