The Power Within


ABOUT THE BOOK: Dallas Stars goalie coach Mike Valley and USA Hockey goalie scout and mentor Justin Goldman have co-authored a comprehensive book dedicated to elevating your mental game. Not only will you learn about the concept of the Three Pillars of Elite Goaltending, but you will also get exclusive insights from a handful of NHL goaltenders and goalie coaches on a myriad of mental topics. Whether you’re just learning how to play the position, or you’re moving up the ranks at the high school, junior, college, or pro levels, this book will help you discover your unique path to becoming an elite goalie.

Not only does this book offer enriching insights for goalies of all ages and skill levels, it also takes you deep into the mind of an NHL goaltender. By giving you a rare glimpse of how these elite goalies have overcome different obstacles in their careers, you gain an edge on the competition when it comes to the toughest aspects of playing the position. Combined with special lessons from both authors, this book provides you with an opportunity to gain wisdom from true goalie masters. More than two years in the making, The Power Within includes 25 chapters of literature focused on the mental traits of elite goaltending.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Dallas Stars goalie coach Mike Valley brings progressive and advanced training techniques to the goalies with whom he works. His dedication to the mastery of the position supports the growth focused mindset he conveys to his athletes both on and off the ice. In this book, Valley shares his unique insights on what he considers to be the foundation of an elite goaltender. Since 2007, Justin Goldman has been publishing unique and in-depth content on all areas of the goaltending position. Currently a regional goalie scout for USA Hockey’s NTDP and a writer for, Goldman is recognized as a literary pioneer for the goaltending community and a mentor for goalies of all ages.

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NHL GOALTENDERS: The book includes exclusive and personal interviews with Pekka Rinne, Niklas Backstrom, Marty Turco, Tomas Vokoun, Brian Elliott, Richard Bachman, and Chris Mason. It also includes interviews with two master goalie coaches, Mitch Korn (Nashville Predators) and Erik Granqvist (Farjestad – Swedish Hockey League). A special thanks to all 10 elite goaltenders and goalie coaches for their willingness to participate in this book.

TOPICS COVERED: With more than 25 chapters and nearly 200 pages worth of content, you are sure to take away plenty of insights on the process of becoming an elite goaltender. Some of the topics include: Confidence, Discipline, Focus, Trusting the Process, Self-Visualization, Withdrawal, Meditation, Playing in the Moment, Pre-Game Routine, Playing Through Adversity, Balance, Egolessness, and much more!

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REVIEWS & TESTIMONIALS: Below are the latest reviews and testimonials for The Power Within:

“This book is a fantastic tool for all goaltenders. And as a goalie, the more tools you have in your toolbox can only help you achieve bigger and better things. So much is taught and written about in regards to the technical side of goaltending, but not enough is written about regarding the mental wherewithal one needs to progress in this position. Having the right mental make-up is, in my opinion, more difficult to consistently achieve and is more important to master than learning the technical side of goaltending. If you’re passionate about goaltending and want to reach your full potential THIS BOOK WILL ABSOLUTELY HELP YOU GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. IT IS A MUST READ. I read The Power Within in early 2014 and as a college goalie coach at Geneseo State, I made a point to impart the information from this book on my goalies throughout the second-half of our 2013-14 season. And I truly believe it helped us get to the Division III Frozen Four this year(that may sound like a stretch to some, but I saw the difference). This book will be a required read for my goalies at Geneseo State this off-season(as well as my son when he gets a bit older) and something they will have on-hand to look back on throughout the season. I can’t say enough about how solid of a product this is.” -Len Perno

“As parents of two goalies, we have read many ‘goalie instructional’ books and have been very fortunate to have great goalie trainers and mentors. I only wish ‘The Power Within’ was available 10 years ago. This is the definitive goalie guide that will elevate your game by educating your mind and mental processing to a new level. The dynamic relationship of the ‘Three Pillars of Elite Goaltending’ creates a positive and unique approach that any level goalie will benefit from and create new foundational strengths to build upon. The candid and open interviews with some of the world’s best goalies and goalie educators/mentors provides important insight into real world application of the principles discussed. The book can be read by any level goalie, though provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to share in the position through the lens of ‘being behind the mask’. Clearly, one of the best ways we as parents can show love and support to our goalie-inspired children is to read the book with them – as a parent, I have been inspired and challenged by the writings not only in better understanding my son’s position as a goalie, but also how to excel in my own professional career. The principles discussed and applied can positively impact the classroom, other sports, and relationships. Leadership, character development, forgiveness, and ego management apply to all walks of life. My favorite chapter is ‘Why Being Wrong is Right’. I would highly recommend this book to all goalies, their parents, any coach that comes in contact with goalies (all coaches) and defenseman – we expect much from our goalies; goalies expect much from themselves – finally the book that meets the challenge. Thank you to Mr. Goldman and Mr. Valley for a job well done and being vulnerable and insightful enough to bring the spiritual and emotional aspects to the printed page – as a world community of hockey players and families, we will all benefit on and off the ice – regardless of the scoreboard.” -Matthew Melin

“Valley and Goldman hit a home run with The Power Within. The first book specifically on the mental side of goaltending. In-depth and truly honest interviews with some of the best goaltending minds today. My personal favorites from the book are Vokoun, and Erik Granqvist (goalie coach in Sweden). Any easy reading book with many deep topics that allow for you to reread the book numerous times and pick up more each chapter. I think with such a wide variety of goalies, coaches and people inputting into this book, every goalie will find one chapter or interview that really speaks to them and helps them learn about themselves and goaltending.” -Josh Robinson, Texas Stars

“So many train on the ice, in the gym, and fuel their bodies, but so few train their mind. When you have the opportunity to meet someone who has what you want at the end of your journey, and they are wiling to open up and share their ideas, experience, and feelings, it’s an opportunity you should never pass up. Having two people like Mike and Justin provide unprecedented access to the minds of some of today’s greatest goaltenders, you know it’s going to be something special. I am looking forward to having all of the goaltenders that we work with gain access to this information. So few work on their minds, so few have access to mentors…now there is no excuse!” -Pasco Valana, Team British Columbia U-18